Printing and Embroidery

Computerized printing and Embroidery is a process by which the needlework is used a mechanism of a sewing mechanism or needlework to create patterns in textiles. It is used commercially in the brand name of the product, corporate advertising, and the adornment uniform. The amateurs also device needlework for projects of personal sewing and crafts.

The use of stitching for the decoration and the brand is now a common place in our homes, our workplaces and in the street. Widely used in the clothing, accessories and textiles for interiors has become an integral part of our visual world. When compared with the Computerized printing and embroidery, edging is more three dimensional; which offers high brightness and / or effects of texture. It is associated with the quality, adding value to a product, both in the visual fields and touch of the appreciation of consumers.


There are several types of device stitching. These include free motion needlecraft sewing device, this uses a basic stitching device zigzag. Commercial Embroidery much continues to be the case for the needlecraft stitch link patterns can be controlled manually or automatically. Most modern computerized needlecraft machine,  uses a machine stitching or sewing/needlecraft machine which is controlled by a computer that is stored in stitching patterns, these can have multiple heads and threads

sewing machines that bodhrán their specifications come in a variety of brands and models. Some of these machines are connected directly to your computer, which allows you to design and upload your own custom graphics and fonts so you can customize your edging designs. These machines vary in their features and capabilities integrated

The process of computerized needlecraft can be divided into six functional activities: to interpret

The Computerized printing and embroidery that we see today is produced on a large part of the edging machines controlled by computer. These are machines that have a multi-fixed needle needlecraft’ ‘head support and a framework that moves the product framed (for example, a garment such as a T-shirt) in either of the two addresses in such a way that the drawing of needlecraft edging can be specially designed. The frame bracket is known as a pantograph; think of it as a plotter because it moves to (plots) the exact location (coordinates) of the drawing is expressed in x and y values.

The drawing is created within a grid (known as a “field”) where x is the horizontal axis and the vertical axis. Therefore any point in the drawing can be identified in the values of x and y, a coordinate in this field would be written, for example, as x249; Y786. The mechanism needlecraft reads these coordinates from the data file of drawing and moves its pantograph in a position to receive each new stitch to the head of the needle of the stationary machines.


UAE Uniforms – A Name Of Quality Products

  1. Works of art and digitize the design using specialized software
  2. Save the design as a stitch file that can be understood by the mechanism needlework
  3. Read the data file of stitch needlework mechanism
  4. To teach the mechanism needlework as the Framework design
  5. Frame or fit the fabric that you want to embroider in and slot in the arms of the device.
  6. Start the sewing device and will be extended until the embroidered design is complete and finished.

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