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Looking for the most elegant, eye-catching uniforms for your Dubai Company? Let UAE Uniforms be your trusted resource. The high-quality company apparel we offer helps present a professional image before customers and guests. We are proud to be a customized apparel provider for numerous hotels uniforms, security companies uniforms, spas, salons uniforms, and several other organizations in Dubai. However, business uniforms are not the only type that we offer! UAE Uniforms is also the place to go for school uniforms, or any other type of uniforms in Dubai you may require. Read on to learn how UAE Uniforms stands out from other uniform manufacturers in Dubai.

The Brand-Building, Customized Style You Crave​

Companies with the most stylish uniforms in Dubai tend to make a positive, lasting impression in the minds of their current and potential customers. As one of the most trusted uniform manufacturers in Dubai, UAE Uniforms has the technology needed to provide your staff with the wonderful company apparel needed to strengthen your brand image. Have your logo featured on the uniforms in the most appealing manner. Get uniforms in Dubai that your staff actually enjoys wearing. They will function better at their jobs because looking great will help them feel great. Such benefits can only be had by choosing the best uniforms company in Dubai; UAE Uniforms!

One of the Most Reliable Uniform Suppliers in Dubai

One Stop

Once you land with else, you won’t find the need to go elsewhere. Offering workwear solutions that are comprehensive, we manage to protect your workforce in the best possible way – from head to toe.

Quick Service

We believe that service after sale is best efforts to make our customers fully satisfy. UAE Uniforms service are reliable and fast. Focus on meeting the most demanding deadlines and needs with great ease.


Have a budget to meet? No need to worry. Offering the most affordable prices not too heavy on the pocket. We will provide the highest quality services in a budget of your choice.


Quality is our one of most priority feature. We deliver the premium quality. As mentioned before, highest quality finishes are a prime focus here. There is no way on earth we would settle on anything less than the best.

Fitted Apparel

A tailor-based service of fitting experts to ensure the size fits perfectly for each employee. Fully equipped with detailed sized graphs, each item of the workwear for your employee will fit as per preference.

Our Values

UAE Uniforms has been in business for several years. Throughout that time, we have been able to proudly build up a reputation for being one of the best uniform manufacturers in Dubai. On top of delivering stylish company apparel to all of our customers, they get to enjoy a long list of other benefits for choosing us. These benefits include, but are not limited to:
• On-Time Delivery
• Accurate Sizing
• Satisfaction Guarantee
• 24/7 Customer Service
• Competitive Pricing

Our Sector

No matter what type of business you are in, we can provide the staff uniforms that best suit  your needs. There is no limit to what industry we can serve as uniform supplier in Dubai for,  but here is a list of the type of clients we have served:
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Security Agencies
• Military
• Spas & Salon

Customized Designing

Offering designs for uniforms in Dubai that are customized according to your preference. From school uniforms to leading organizations, we cater every known industry.

Our UAE Uniforms Philosophy

We believe that each person is unique with an individual style which is personal. Your style has absolutely nothing to do with what’s in Fashion. Style will last forever while Fashion trends come and go quickly. Our philosophy is we base our manufacturing strategies based on style and not what’s trending. We want our uniforms in Dubai to last forever, not wear out as soon as that fashion does.

Only the Best Quality Clothes

We can confidently say that the highest quality uniforms in Dubai have come from UAE Uniforms. That is because we hold our products to stringent standards. We are well aware that we are not the only uniforms manufacturers in Dubai, but it is our greatest desire to be your uniform company in Dubai. It is no secret that we want to be top on your list of uniforms suppliers in Dubai. UAE Uniforms works hard to earn that position by providing the type of quality clothes upon which you know you can rely. After all, uniforms are an investment in your business.

If you wish to have the logo of your company or brand printed on the uniform, we have a service for that. Corporate uniform branding is key for exposure of your company. Let us help you grow.

No matter if you’re a newbie or an established food brand, we have customized services for your restaurants and hotels. If ensure to make it up to your requirements and identity of your brand. Providing quality hotel uniforms for your staff, let your customers know you’re serious about your business.

Medical uniforms based on the requirements, needs, and identity, our expert team offers services to the medical industry at large. From clinics, hospitals, private medical centers, pharmacies to laboratories, we cover them all.

The field is vast and requires uniforms of the highest standards to meet the safety needs of the staff. Ensuring your crew is safe from any hazard all the time, our professionals focus on manufacturing uniforms that are nothing short than high-quality apparel.

This is by far the most popular product, and a demanding one at that too. We make sure the safety vests manufactured at UAE uniform consist of the highest-quality material. Safety of your employees comes first. We fully plan to live up to this notion and offer the best of our capacity.

Tailor-Based Services You Seek

When you choose us, you can be rest assured no matter which industry you belong to, or the requirements you need fulfilled, our expert team will have a solution for you. We ensure in providing customized solutions to your image apparel needs. Providing apparel that speaks volumes about your brand or organization, we make sure your employees appreciate the workwear and they get high-quality uniforms they deserve.Offering an array of tailor-based services, we hope to reach out to all your requirements.

Why We Are Better

We offer all types of uniforms for purchase from anywhere of this world not only UAE. The above-shown categories are just idea for you. We manufacturer and supply on user demanded uniforms of any category because we are a factory. we also deal with customized uniforms and t-shirts with printed logos etc.

Why You Need Us

In terms of high standards and quality, our company has zero tolerance policy. We are uniforms supplier in Dubai that doesn’t compromise on quality. UAE uniform has a highly experienced and trained staff that is there to ensure the best of quality. Moreover, they ensure we don’t miss any deadline. The prime focus is to maintain the high standards and meet estimated time of delivery each time we take an order.

What We Are

UAE Uniforms Company in Dubai, UAE Uniforms is our brand name in Dubai, UAE Uniforms is the best Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of all types of Uniforms as Corporate Uniforms, Security Uniforms, Hotel Uniforms, Work Uniforms, School Uniforms, etc.; Dubai Customized T-Shirts

Minimum Order!

We accept 50 pieces minimum order, 12 pieces Order on request, Maximum order has no limit so you can also order in bulk quantity as we are bulk uniform supplier in Dubai and we are a factory. Contact us at

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