Bar Mops

A small piece of absorbent cloth thickness of a type used in a pub or bar to clean the tables and washing glasses called Bar Mops..

My grandmother introduced me to bar mops a few years before that became so in vogue. The microfiber fabric is an incredible, some able to accommodate up to 7 pounds of water in one square foot of cloth. Enthusiasts of the cars have long since understood its superior drying capacity, and you can still find less expensive in large chunks of the automotive section. My grandmother the suffer from the Club of Sam, and they are much thicker and more absorbent the package that I bought at Meijer (and bright green – what fun).

Beyond the feat of drying super soak, bar mops are also a quality almost abrasive for them. Are not rough, but the fibers are so thick, plush and many that are going to end up with a point much more efficient than the cloth flat. (See number 2 above.)

I wrote a guest post for being frugal is about as Green microfiber loved this summer, and i’m sharing the best moments with you this week as we try to reduce our disposable cleaning products. This is the best way to get rid of paper towels and cleaning products for some of the work of the Skoy is not designed to remove the dust and the mirrors, to name two).

The use of microfiber has allowed me to get rid of:

The furniture wax

Sprinklers of the daily shower glass cleaners

I do not buy any of these products ever more, which helps my budget supplies, and I don’t have that doused in my house, which improves the indoor air quality and ultimately, the health and welfare of my family.

Bar Mops in Dubai

What we use Bar Mops in our house:

Remove dust

Cleaning the shower (dried after each shower / bathtub)

Polished counters

Cleaning bathroom mirrors, glass

Kitchen rags

As clean with bar mops

Shower / Tub: after every shower or bath (almost), wet surfaces are dried with a microfiber cloth, which is so absorbent that is effortlessly simple. With a little effort, can I get the “ring around the bathtub” slag outside, again, due to the fact that abrasive-but-not-grip abrasive quality difficult to describe of the microfiber. Clears off. Sometimes correct i spray a peroxide and water 50/50 solution of hydrogen or vinegar directly on the surfaces of shower before and / or after I clean, but apart from that, there is no cleaning products are necessary. If you miss a while, I just need a sodium bicarbonate powder to obtain the slag outside, but even that is not a great job. not even worthy of note in the list of “things to do”.  Explained My 3 green cleaners

Remove the dust: Frankly, simply use a dry cloth. The microfiber collects dust and it clings to what incredibly well, and I don’t worry about the “perfect brightness” in my furniture. It is how to remove the dust with a cloth full of small cubes of tweezers.

Bathroom counter: I have a cloth hanging behind the door to the bathroom which i am unable to grab with frequency (every day, I would like to clean the!) desk, taking all the dust, fuzzes, hair of the beard, and what is all that gunk that rises to the perfection of bathroom counters clean so often

In 60 seconds i can make a counter offer may seem disgusting that only clean. This is very good for aesthetics when you don’t have time to clean before company arrives! Now it is necessary to have a (disinfected) counter really clean at least once a week, so for that I use that hydrogen peroxide and water spray 50/50 and my microfiber cloth of confidence. The more polished look in the tap is beautiful!

Mirrors / glass: Humedezco a corner of my microfiber cloth, then wipe the surface in question. I rubbed a little in some difficult situations, then use the dry environment of the fabric is completely dry and polish the glass. Looks perfect at all times without any type of cleaner at all. Even i have a coffee table mirror with cover and a mobile one year of age, this technique receives a large amount of use! Do not think that my windows or mirrors must be disinfected, but if i really wanted to imitate the ammonia glass cleaner without the toxicity, i would like to use a spoonful of vinegar in a spray bottle of water and the same technique for polishing glass.

Rags of cuisine: i cut off some of my paintings in a means to best suit the size towel, and also so that i could differentiate between kitchen towels and cleaning wipes. I don’t like it when the super-absorbency can absorb a large amount of fluid in my countertop, as well as after cutting out a juicy melon or having a stroke, and i like that grip-ness to clean the dishes.

Why not on my floors or toilets? I guess I just don’t want to get the mixed with my countertops. Can I blame? I’m using socks and now I am happy with this!

For better care for the bar mops , if it is appropriate in your home, hang to dry. They can be washed in hot water with their towels, but it seems to me that I lose the abrasive-grip-ness when they go through the dryer. I dry the kitchen towels (another reason to cut by half to maintain separate) because they need the heat to smell better, and its texture is radically different than the rest of my stash of microfiber towels. (My kitchen towels also receive a treatment anti-pest-insurer when i yogurt.)

Don’t be too frugal here – you can buy in large quantities in the Club of Sam, but don’t bother with the bar mops dollar store. They are not nearly as thick and simply do not work as well.