Why do Nurses Wear Scrubs During Working in Hospitals?

Scrubs are the identity of medical professionalists, especially nurses. Most people, even professionalists such as nurses, are unaware that why do they wear scrubs? What is the purpose of wearing these scrubs? They hate to wear scrubs all day while for most it is cool & comfortable to have a specific uniform for their duty. In this blog, we will put a glance at the importance of scrubs for nurses. In older days, usually white dress scrubs and spiffy caps were essential but now colored scrubs uniforms are acceptable for nurses. This change from white to colors uniform/scrubs makes nurses more enthusiastic about their work. They love to wear colored scrubs. Some hospitals specify solid-colored scrubs, while some allow wearing scrubs with unique patterns and designs.

Scrubs are the sanitary clothes that were trended in 1970 for the medical professionals for their safety, against diseases. Because when they work in the hospital among hundreds of sick people for their care, the clothes meet several infection-causing agents, then they get contamination. Although there is no evidence that if you do not wear scrub, you may get sick but still not wearing scrubs in hospitals is unethical.

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Here are some benefits of wearing scrubs for nurses.

  1. Development Of Sterile Health Care Environment
  2. Identification Of Medical Staff
  3. Gives Modern Appearance And Require For Personal Safety

Purpose Of Wearing Scrubs:


Development Of Sterile Health Care Environment:

A sterile environment is necessary to take care of fragile patients. Because when being a nurse, you treat patients susceptible to any infectious particle, you need to keep the environment & yourself clean. Moreover, during working in an unhygienic workplace, your health is also essential. The question is this, how scrub provides safety?

These scrubs are of high-quality fabrics that have anti-microbial properties. Due to this, scrubs inhibit the spread of infectious particles and bacteria. You can wash the contaminated parts instantly. But with the casual dress, it is not as easy.

Moreover, scrubs can bear hard washing, and you can also use chemicals on them. When scrubs contaminate with stains such as blood, liquid medication, or liquid spills, they require hand washing in laundries with heavy chemicals and high temperature. Besides these, casual clothes will ruin after a couple of washes.

So, it is much practical for nurses to wear scrubs on the job due to sanitary precautions. Because the nurses not only help patients to get recover fast but also protect them from getting germs by wearing scrubs. In this way, they are making their environment more sterilized.

Identification Of Medical Staff:

Most of the medical facilities use colored scrubs for the identification of the medical staff as nurses. This step identifies the nurses from others. These colors of scrubs also differentiate the nurses of different departments. It puts a positive impact on their personality rather than a white color uniform. It depends upon hospital administration to fix solid color scrubs for nurses or printed scrubs. These scrubs help to identify surgeons and nurses.

Unique Features Of Scrubs Are Beneficial During Work:

There are certain features in the scrub that you cannot enjoy while working in other clothing, such as bungee loops, moisture-wicking technology, anti-microbial properties, and plenty of pockets. The scrubs form in a way that they do the job easy as while moving from floor to floor with patients.

It is not easy to carry stationery, phone, and other things in their hands. You can put them in pockets of scrubs and can do your work accurately. Moreover, it has all the qualities that a medical uniform requires. It is more comfortable and inexpensive than other clothes. The scrubs with such features allow you to be fashionable with hard shifts. You will not feel boring, or tired in burden and day to night routine.

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The scrubs are protective and increase the personality and make a nurse more professional. They protect from harmful substances and chemicals.

Modern appearance:

The scrubs provide a modern look to nurses. The white dresses look classic but not sophisticated to wear for a long time. The scrub gives a professional look with a well-fitted and flattering size. Moreover, the scrubs are budget friendly. If you wear regular dresses during your work, it may ruin due to dirt or blood particles.

The scrubs form of such fabric that can withstand the rigor of situations. They are cost-effective, and if your scrub gets damage, you may change it. It will be easy then to change regular clothing. You can purchase a variety of modern scrubs for versatility. In the operating room, any other clothing such as exposed t-shirts rather than scrubs is not allowed.

It is observed that that wearing flattering cloth may introduce pathogens. That is why only scrubs are allowed for nurses and other medical staff. With scrubs, scrub caps are also functional due to their hygienic focus.

The health care department tries its best to keep the environment clean and hygienic for patients and the people specifically for their treatment.